Frequently Asked Questions

Who can go to The Loft?

We welcome teens ages 12 and up in seventh through twelfth grade looking for support in the following ways:

      • You’re going through something difficult.
      • You’re feeling sad, worried, stressed, or helpless.
      • You’re concerned about substance use.
      • You’re worried about a family member or friend.
      • You want someone to talk to about relationships or challenges at school.
      • You just need space to decompress.
      • You want to be proactive in taking care of your mental health.
      • You’re looking for opportunities to develop and practice social skills.

Do I need to live in the Brookfield area to visit The Loft?

No! We are not bound by any geographic area and welcome teens from everywhere.


Will I be forced to participate at The Loft?

We know that mental health support is not one size fits all, and we encourage all teens to participate of their own volition and in a way that best fits their needs.


Do you offer free therapy?

We do not offer ongoing therapeutic support, but we do offer free peer support seven days a week. 


Should my parent or guardian come with me to The Loft?

Parents don’t need to come with you, but they are welcome to wait in the lobby or meet with our family support specialists while you engage at The Loft.


Do I need parental consent?

We encourage parental consent for all participants, but teens 17 and older may self-register.